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What was the only way Joe, Fred, and Sam could get back home once they traveled to another time?
a) They had to go to a special chapter of The Book.
b) They had to find The Book in that time period.
c) They had to find the green mist.
d) They had to find the Book of Magic and say "abracadabra".

What made the boys realize they were not in the real Hoboken?
a) There were no houses and cars to be seen.
b) There were no animals to be found.
c) There were only story book characters and no real people.
d) They couldn't find the author of the book at the library.

What was Joe's flash of an idea to stop the chicken from charging?
a) to read the book
b) to use a hatchet on the chicken
c) to call for a policeman
d) to tell jokes about chickens

How did the boys feel when they realized where all the summer reading list characters were going?
a) shocked and terrified
b) relieved and happy
c) they expected it
d) sad and upset

Why did the boys think that the devil couldn't find their book title?
a) because the title was misspelled on the book
b) because the book only had "Time Warp Trio" on the front
c) because the devil couldn't read well
d) because they were from a series, so each adventure had a different title

Who was the narrator in the book?
a) Joe
b) Sam
c) Fred
d) Tom

How did the devil first try to separate the good characters from the bad ones?
a) he turned the book upside down and shook them out.
b) he checked all the books and their characters.
c) he took them to the libary
d) he told them to line up.

What story did the boys use to explain themselves to the devil?
a) the story of Long John Silver
b) the story of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency
c) the story of Alice in Wonderland
d) the story of their own lives and traveling in time

How did the boys decide to get into the library?
a) They pretended they were all bad characters.
b) They pretended that they were all good characters who had been captured.
c) They pretended Fred was a bad character who had captured them.
d) They pretended that Sam was Long John Silver.

What did Mr. Bear want to do to Fred, Joe, and Sam?
a) put them in a giant blender
b) put them in a cage in the jail
c) lock them in the Hoboken park zoo
d) put them in a crusher

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