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After seeing several characters, who did Joe realize was in Hoboken?
a) The giant chicken from Hoboken
b) characters from the summer reading list.
c) Long John Silver
d) Alice in Wonderland

What did Sam suggest they do at the beginning of their summer vacation?
a) Go on a trip to Disney.
b) Go to Hoboken.
c) Get an early start on their summer reading.
d) Go to the library.

What was Joe's flash of an idea to stop the chicken from charging?
a) to read the book
b) to use a hatchet on the chicken
c) to call for a policeman
d) to tell jokes about chickens

What was the one thing that always stayed the same everytime they traveled?
a) a green mist appeared
b) a purple mist appeared
c) the boys shrunk down in size
d) they ended up in Hoboken

What was the only way the boys could get back home?
a) find the green mist
b) fly on a magic carpet
c) say abracadabra
d) find the special magic book

Who was the narrator in the book?
a) Joe
b) Sam
c) Fred
d) Tom

What was the one thing that Joe didn't want to do during the summer?
a) go on a Disney cruise
b) open the book and travel in time
c) stay in his home town
d) go to Hoboken

What did the boys see when they realized the book had gotten mixed up with their summer reading list?
a) Long John Silver
b) a giant chicken in the park
c) Charlotte's web
d) a frog wearing a suit standing by a toad in a plaid jacket

How did the boys know how to find the library?
a) it was written in Charlotte's web
b) it was on a street sign
c) a policeman told them
d) the chicken led them there

Where did the villians keep all the good book characters they had captured?
a) in the magic book
b) a cage in the jail
c) in the Hoboken park zoo
d) in the library in a cage behind the main desk

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