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a) An exact time period but very long
b) Amount of time it takes to make it through Mac Bay
c) A blue laundry detergent in a red bottle
d) The amount of time it takes for magma to change to pumice stone

a) The way Mrs. Ammeraal teaches
b) Found in the layers of rock
c) A time smaller than a period and larger than an age
d) A large deposit of fossils found in sediment

a) The end of a living species. No more are live.
b) To put a fire out
c) What has happened to cows
d) A species that has only a few remaining specimens left

Time Period
a) The symbol placed in a specific time such as 10:00
b) The mark you place at the end of a sentence
c) The time on a clock
d) 8th grade science class

Geologic Time Scale
a) Measures the weight of an epoch amount of rock
b) Time and between events that have occurred throughout Earth's history
c) The weight of a volcano before and after an eruption
d) Measuring the amount of sediment in a rock layer to determine its date

a) Rocks with reformed minerals present
b) A brand of watches in the mall
c) The preserved remains of a once living species
d) What Mrs. Ammeraal will be in 35 years

Index Fossils
a) Fossils that come from a specific time period
b) Fossils that indicate how an animal lived on Earth
c) The beginning of a book that lists the types of fossils
d) The chart the labels fossils by the time they were found

Half Life
a) What happens when you don't ever feed your pet guppy
b) The time required for something to fall to half its value
c) Someone who works too hard and doesn't have much fun
d) When you leave milk on the counter a long time

a) Layers of rock with the oldest on the bottom newest on the top
b) The location where exact stress and heat form super diamonds
c) Mr. Fine's Job
d) Layers of rock with the newest on the bottom, oldest on the top

a) Just the facts Jack
b) True
c) Not true
d) Fiction

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