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What is a city ordinance?
a) the basic law of a municipality that defines its powers, responsibilities, and organization
b) a law adopted by a municipality
c) a professional administrator hired to run a city govermnet
d) a contractual agreement among urban homeowners to manage their subdivision

which of the following statements about general-law citiesis/are true?
a) general-law cities are bound by Dillon's rule
b) municipalities with fewer than 5k people must be general-law cities
c) general-law cities must have city charters
d) all of the above

why does the texas legislature sometimes enact population bracket laws?
a) to target individual cities, such as austin or houston
b) to allow larger municipalities to become homerule cities
c) to prevent any city in the state from adopting its own min-wage law
d) to increase representation in the legislature for large urban areas

which of the following is/are responsible for setting the tax rate and adopting a budget for a city govenment in texas
a) the tx leg
b) the gov
c) the mayor and city council
d) the city manager

which of the following tx cities use(s0 the mayor-council form of city govenment?
a) houston
b) dallas
c) san antonio
d) all of the above

in City ABC, voters throuhgout the city cast ballots for canidates running for all of the city's council seats. What sort of election system does City ABC have?
a) district election system
b) nonpartisan election system
c) at-large election system
d) cumulative election system

a minority rights group wants 2 increse minority representation on city council of 1 of state's major cities.Which of the following electoral reforms would it b most likely 2 supp
a) nonpartisan election system
b) district election system
c) at-large election system
d) all of the above

a local program that enhances a community's economic position in its compettion with other communities is the def of which of the following terms?
a) allocational urban policy
b) developmental urban policy
c) redistributive urban policy
d) pluralist urban policy

city ABC is building a new football stadium n order 2 keep its NFL team frm moving 2another city.Building football stadium is ex of which of the following types of policies?
a) elitist urban policy
b) redistributive urban policy
c) pluralist urban policy
d) developmental urban policy

Programs that benefit low-income residents of an area are known as which of the following?
a) redistributive
b) allocational
c) plurist
d) developmental

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