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a) Natural laws & processes in the universe where different but are not uniform
b) Natural laws & processes in universe now, have always been in the past as well
c) Natural laws & processes in the universe were uniform but are now different
d) Schools wanting students to wear uniforms to be uniform

Geological Columns
a) Measurements taken by scientist showing ages of rock layers
b) Up and down layers of rock formed by stress and pressure from movement
c) A tall column of fossils found in south west Asia showing evidence animals trapped under a volcanic eruption
d) A big blanket of sedimentary rock that has been found to cover the entire earth during a major flood

Modern Geology
a) Determining the Earths geological history by looking a erosion and layers of rock, Hutton
b) The contemporary view that the Earth's crust was formed by ancient volcanos
c) Determining the age of rocks by counting the number of carbon molecules present, Hudson
d) New studies the Earth in which samples are taken from the center of the Earth's core

a) The theory that catastrophes in outer space made the Earth's surface
b) The theory that catastrophes have had little affect on the Earth's surface
c) The theory that the Earth has been changed by sudden & violent events
d) The theory of catastrophic proportions if Justin Bieber showed up a Mac Bay

Absolute Dating
a) The process of finding an approximate age in archaeology and geology
b) The process of going on a real date not one in your mind
c) The process of finding the perfect geological date of an artifact or rock
d) Finding the exact date by looking at the number of carbon molecules in an artifact or rock

Relative Dating
a) Pinning an approximate age rather than the order of events
b) Finding the order of past events, without determining their exact age.
c) Dating fossils based on when they were found
d) Dating a close or distant relative

a) A bend or turn in rock layers caused by stress, heat or pressure
b) A break in rock layers caused by stress, heat or pressure
c) What Mrs. Ammeraal does with Mr. Ammeraal's laundry
d) When vegetation fossils are found "folded over" in layers of rock

a) When you did it and you are guilty
b) When layers of rock bend or turn caused by heat or stress
c) When layers of rock break and move against each other
d) When magma finds it's way up through cracks in the volcano columns

a) When someone in class speaks out of turn
b) Magma forced up from Earth's is suddenly cooled then cracked when it enters the cooler ocean waters
c) Magma from under the surface is slowly pushed up from deep within the earth into any cracks
d) When a layer of rock is suddenly interrupted by changes in temperature causing it to break

a) A measurement of sediment layers in a given time period
b) A measurement of time divided into eras,
c) The amount of time it takes to pass through middle school
d) A measurement of age based on number of fault lines

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