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Which of the following courts would probate a will when no parties object to its authenticity?
a) district court
b) JP court
c) county court
d) tx supreme court

Which of the following courts would try a case involving an alleged kidnapping and aggravated assault?
a) county court
b) JP court
c) Court of criminal Appeals
d) District court

which of the following cases would be heard on appeal from district court by the courts of appeals?
a) a damage award in a personal injury case
b) a decision of a district court concerning the authenticity of a will
c) a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole in a capital murder case
d) all of the above

which of the following cases could be heard on appeal by the Texas Supreme Court?
a) A damage award in a personal injury case
b) A kidnapping conviction and sentence of 50 years in prison
c) A death sentence assessed in a capital murder case
d) all of the above

How are most trial and all appellate judges chosen in Texas?
a) They are appointed by the governor
b) they are chosen in partisan election
c) they are chosen in nonpartisan election
d) they are chosen throuhg merit selection

Are all tx judges experienced attorneys?
a) yes
b) no. the tx constitution doesn't require that ne of state's judges have legal training & experience
c) no. Appellate court judges are required to be experienced attorneys, but trial court judges aren't
d) no. Municipal, JP, and county court @law judges aren't required to be attorneys, and most aren't

Many tx judges initially reach their positions through appointment. How is that possible?
a) all tx judges are selected through appointment pending confirmations by tx senate
b) in tx, appellate judges are appointed, whereas trial judges are elected
c) the gov fills vacancies in appellate and district judges must face the voters at the next election
d) under merit selection, the gov appoints judges from a list prepared by nominating commission

which of the following statements best describes the campaign finance system for tx judicial elections?
a) state law limits the amount of money judicial candidates can raise and spend, so fundraising is min
b) can.4 judicial office raise campaign$ frm lawyers&int.groups who have stake n outcome of court cases
c) the state of tx funds judicial races & canidates4 judge are prohibited from raising $ on their own
d) judicial can. r usually unable 2 raise more than min amount of $ casue no 1 has interest n judicial

does tx use merit selection (or the MIssouri Plan) to select judges?
a) no
b) yes, for all judges except local judges
c) yes, but only for appellate judges
d) yes, but only for justices on the tx court of ciminal appeals & the tx supreme court

which of the following is a procedure for removing a tx judge from office?
a) missouri plan
b) adversary proceeding
c) plea bargin
d) address from office

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