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A hypothesis is
a) much the same thing as a theory
b) a question based on observations
c) a series of connected observations
d) a guess based on some knowledge

What always affects measurement error in an experiment?
a) investigator bias
b) variability in nature
c) instrument precision
d) misreading the instrument

The y-axis of a graph gives the units for the
a) control variable
b) dependent variable
c) measurement error
d) independent variable

The best fit line
a) connects every point in a graph
b) connects the first and last points on the x-axis
c) minimizes the distance from the points to the line
d) passes through the cloud of points, missing every one.

What is the mean of a set of data?
a) the most frequently appear number.
b) the middle value in the data set
c) the average of all of the data
d) none of the above

In a scientific study, a conclusion can
a) state a theory
b) ask a question
c) prove a hypothesis
d) support a hypothesis

What is the median in a set of data?
a) The middle value
b) The most frequently occuring number
c) The average
d) None of the above

Observation, question, hypothesis, ______________, ________________
a) conclusion, experiment
b) none of these
c) conclusion, data
d) experiment, conclusion

What is the first step in the scientific process?
a) hypothesis
b) observation
c) experimentation
d) asking a question

Which of these describes a quantitative observation?
a) an observation of the phenomenon itself.
b) an observation of the relative size of something
c) an observation of an effect the phenomenon has
d) an observation that has a number associated with it

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