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A science fair project showed that earthworms move away from light. This statement should be classified as
a) an inference
b) a hypothesis
c) a prediction
d) a conclusion

What would a scientists use to show comparisons between variables?
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) computer
d) graph

Writers use similies as literary devices for comparisons. Which factor in an experiment would a scientist use like a simile?
a) Dependent variable
b) Independent variable
c) Control
d) Constant

What distinguishes a hypothesis from a theory?
a) A theory is a scientific explanation
b) A theory is testable
c) A theory explains a natural phenomenon
d) A theory is backed up by repeated observations and tests

In a scientific experiment how many independent variables should be tests at the same time?
a) none
b) one
c) two
d) three or more

When a scientist compare two or more objects what is he or she looking for?
a) changes
b) causes and effects
c) similarities
d) errors

Statistics about the climate in a tundra ecosystem were collected for 30 years. Which hypothesis about a population of caribou could be made based on the climate data collected?
a) Caribou calf survival is directly related to annual rainfall amounts.
b) An outbreak of disease in 1984 killed 35% of the caribou population.
c) Caribou remain with the same mate throughout their lifetime.
d) Mortality of caribou from hunters was less than 5%.

A student measured the length of a piece of twine that was 35.84 mm long. Her measurements were 37.52 mm, 37.54 mm, 37.57 mm and 37.55 mm. Which of the following statements is true
a) The measurements were accurate but not precise
b) The measurements were precise but not accurate
c) The measurements were both precise and accurate
d) The measurements were neither accurate nor precise

A computer model can simulate the aspects of viral reproduction quite well. However, microscopic observation of actual viral reproduction can improve understanding because it
a) may reveal greater unknown complexities
b) are easier than a computer model to view
c) are the same each time
d) may provide reproduction events in sequence

Which type of equipment would be used to precisely measure 26.0 mL of dilute hydrochloric acid?
a) 100 mL beaker
b) 500 mL erlenmeyer flask
c) 50 mL graduate cylinder
d) 10 mL test tube

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