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What is another name for food level?
a) trophic level
b) consumer level
c) producer level
d) decomposer level

Earthworms, bacteria and fungi are all examples of
a) producers
b) final consumers
c) primary consumers
d) secondary consumers

What do decomposers do with the nutrients that they break down?
a) separate them
b) absorb them
c) store them
d) nothing

How is energy transferred from a molecule of sugar to ATP?
a) cellular reproduction
b) cellular respiration
c) cellular photosynthesis
d) cellular reconstruction

How much energy is transferred when one organism consumes another organism?
a) 10%
b) 90%
c) 80%
d) 5%

Which part of the energy pyramid has the highest amount of energy?
a) primary producers
b) primary consumers
c) secondary consumers
d) tertiary consumers

What do food chains show?
a) the movement of hierarchy from one population to another
b) the movement of energy and matter from one population to another
c) the movement of energy for decomposers only
d) the movement of energy for producers only

What do food webs help us understand?
a) population effects of growth
b) ecological effects of energy
c) ecological effects of extinction or species introduction
d) species relocation

What would happen if grasses and shrubs were removed from an ecosystem?
a) the primary consumers would increase
b) the primary consumers would become secondary consumers
c) the primary consumers would die out or move elsewhere
d) the primary consumers would stay unchanged

Which would be an example of a secondary consumer?
a) a rabbit
b) a fox
c) a cow
d) a mouse

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