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What is a blowout?
a) a shallow depression caused by deflation
b) a stony surface layer caused by deflation
c) a stony surface layer caused by abrasion
d) a shallow depression caused by abrasion

How does wind transport sand grains
a) by saltation as part of the bed load
b) Equal quantities are transported suspended in the air and as bed load
c) wind transport sand grains only during dust storms
d) mainly as part of the suspended load

When wind creates a sand dune, the sheltered side of the dune
a) is steeper than the windward side
b) has a more gently sloping angle than the windward side
c) has the same incline as the windward side
d) has no incline

Over time, sand dunes tend to migrate
a) in the same direction as the wind blows
b) in random directions
c) toward the wind
d) perpendicular to the movement of the wind

If the steep face of a sand dune is on the southeast side of the dune, then the prevailing wind in this area is from the
a) northwest
b) southeast
c) southwest
d) northeast

The thick loess deposits in South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa
a) had their source as glacial sediments
b) are composed of windblown sand
c) had their source in desert regions of the west
d) are in the form of tranverse dunes

Sand dunes that form scalloped rows of sand at right angles to the wind are called
a) barchanoid dunes
b) transverse dunes
c) parabolic dunes
d) star dunes

Long sand ridges that are oriented more of less parallel to the prevailing wind are called
a) longitudinal dunes
b) parabolic dunes
c) transverse dunes
d) barchan dunes

(in your book p 206 figure 22) Which diagram illustrated lingitudinal lines?
a) D
b) B
c) F
d) A

What type of sand dune would most likely form if the sand supply is limited, the wind direction is constant and vegetation is sparse
a) barchan dunes
b) transverse dunes
c) star dunes
d) longitudinal dunes

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