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It is a tragedy that AIDS has spread throughout the globe.
a) pathogen
b) vector
c) pandemic
d) biotechnology

Hopefully in due time, this industry will ensure health for all of Earth's citizens.
a) pathogen
b) vector
c) pandemic
d) biotechnology

Which project is most likely to interest a scientists working for a biotechnology company?
a) study and reconstruction of fossilized bones
b) conservation of key species within ecosystems
c) development of genetically modified corn plants
d) prevention of sewage leaking into water supplies

How is the cell membrane important to the process of osmosis
a) it allows water to move into the cell
b) it allows all materials from the outside environment to move into the cell
c) it traps water and nutrients that otherwise would be unable to move into the cell.
d) it collects nutrients from water in the outside environment and moves them into the cell.

Which is most likely responsible for the formation of cancer cells
a) an antibiotic
b) a mutagen
c) a bacterium
d) a parasite

Information about the heredity of a cell is stored in which organelle?
a) flagellum
b) mitochondrion
c) nucleus
d) vacuole

How are plant and animal cells similar?
a) They both have flagella
b) They both have a nucleus
c) They both have an eyespot
d) they both have chloroplasts

How does exposure to cigarette smoke contribute to an asthma attack?
a) by decreasing blood pressure
b) by causing mutations in cells
c) by irritating the respiratory tract
d) by reducing insulin levels

Which interaction illustrates a terrestrial-aquatic food relationship?
a) a bear eating fish in a river
b) a turtle burying eggs in the sand
c) a fish eating plankton in the ocean
d) a bird laying eggs in a nest in a tree.

How are parasites and viruses similar?
a) both are contagious diseases
b) both infect host organisms
c) both reproduce using host cells
d) both break down food using oxygen

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