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Where do consumers get their energy from?
a) from the water
b) from the sun
c) from other organisms
d) from the air

What is an example of a biotic part of an environment?
a) soil
b) grass
c) rock
d) air

A mushroom's role in the ecosystem is as a
a) population
b) producer
c) decomposer
d) plant

Which answer choice has only biotic examples?
a) plants, animals, air, soil
b) trees, animals, soil, temperature
c) insects, air, soil, temperature
d) plants, animals, trees, insects

Light is an example of what in an ecosystem?
a) abiotic component
b) biotic component
c) a producers
d) a consumer

What would a group of geese in an environment be considered?
a) abiotic component
b) decomposer
c) producers
d) population

What do all organisms depend on?
a) population
b) communities
c) energy
d) consumers

What do all ecosystems have?
a) biotic parts only
b) abiotic parts only
c) producers only
d) biotic and abiotic parts

Organisms are __________________ by how they get energy.
a) chosen
b) grouped
c) paired
d) separated

What type of consumer is a ladybug?
a) decomposer
b) primary consumer
c) secondary consumer
d) tertiary consumer

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