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A(n) ______________ is all living organisms in an area functioning together with nonliving factors of the environment.
a) population
b) ecosystem
c) communities
d) producers

What are the parts of processes that can describe an ecosystem?
a) chemical changes
b) flow of energies
c) both chemical changes and flow of energies
d) neiher chemical changes or flow of energies

Which would be an example of an abiotic part of the environment?
a) temperature
b) trees
c) animals
d) plants

What do you call the living part of an environment?
a) abiotic
b) ecosystem
c) population
d) biotic

What do you call a group of organisms that are of the same species in an ecosystem?
a) community
b) producers
c) population
d) consumers

Why are trees considered to be producers?
a) they do not need food to survive in an ecosystem?
b) they depend on consumers to help them make their food
c) they get their food from other sources
d) they make their own food using energy from the sun

Which would be an example of a consumer?
a) mouse
b) tree
c) water
d) grass

Which of these organisms would be a producer?
a) fish
b) grasshopper
c) flower
d) snake

What is a decomposer?
a) comsumer that builds up organic material
b) consumer that breaks down dead organic material
c) consumer that produces it's own food
d) consumer that breaks down non-living material

Where do most producers get their energy from?
a) from the water
b) from the sun
c) from other organisms
d) from the air

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