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Which statement is true about the predator and prey relationship?
a) If the predator population increases the prey population will increase
b) If the prey population increases the predator population will increase
c) if the predator population decreases the prey population will decrease

A tapeworm is a worm with no digestive tract. They live in the intestines of other animals and absorb food that has already been digested by their host. What type of nutritiona
a) Parasitism
b) competition
c) commensalism

How would a sudden increase in parasites, within a population affect the population\'s growth?
a) birth rates will increase
b) death rates will decrease
c) death rates will increase

Which of the following is the most crucial role of fungi and bacteria in a balanced ecosystem?
a) They always serve as tertiary consumers.
b) They serve as decomposers and recycle nutrients
c) They provide sunlight to the ecosystem

A new farmer purchases a large area of land and immediately begins plowing the land and planting only wheat on the land. His actions will most likely
a) Increase plant and animal diversity in the field
b) Not change the plant and animal diversity
c) Decrease plant and animal diversity in the field

The monomer of a protein is
a) carbohydrate
b) amino acid
c) lipid

The monomer of a lipid is
a) nucleotide
b) amino acid
c) glycerol and 3 fatty acids

What are the protein-making sites of the cell?
a) ribosome
b) lysosome
c) nucleus

what are the two main parts of the cell cycle?
a) prophase and anaphase
b) G1 and synthesis
c) Mitosis and Interphase

hypertonic solution means
a) there is less water
b) there is more water
c) there is the same amount of water

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