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The common cold and the Flu are caused by what pathogen?
a) Fungi
b) Bacteria
c) Virus
d) Sneezing

An organism that causes diseases.
a) Pathogen
b) Pink eye
c) Chicken Pox
d) Dust

Which is not a Pathogen?
a) Fungi
b) Antibiotics
c) Bacteria
d) Virus

What are vectors?
a) Viruses that cause disease
b) Insects that carry disease
c) Pathogens in food
d) White Blood cells

Ringworm and athlete’s foot are caused by what pathogen?
a) Dirty feet
b) Bacteria
c) Fungi
d) Virus

A communicable disease can be transmitted by.
a) Direct contact
b) Indirect contact
c) Airborne transmission
d) All of the above

Another word for communicable disease (infectious) is ?
a) Contagious
b) Sick
c) Sudden
d) Painfu

A disease develops.
a) Every time a pathogen enters the body.
b) If you forget to wash your hands
c) If you take an antibiotic
d) If your body cannot fight off an infection

What is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious disease?
a) Get vaccinated
b) Drink Plenty of Water
c) Regular Hand washing
d) Washing food properly

What’s the body’s 1st line of defense against pathogens?
a) Immune System
b) Physical & Chemical Barriers
c) Hand Sanitizer
d) Warm Clothes

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