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Dry, flat lake beds located in the center of basins in arid areas are called
a) playas
b) allevuial fans
c) desert pavements

A cone of debris deposited by running water at the mouth of a canyon in an arid area is known as a
a) alluvial fan
b) delta
c) arroyo
d) ephemeral stream

What force causes most of the erosion in desert areas
a) running water
b) wind
c) gravity
d) ice

Why can a heavy rain shower cause a large amount of erosion in a desert area
a) there is a lack of vegetation to hold the soil in place
b) streams overflow easily
c) desert ground cannot absorb water
d) temperatures are very high

The rust colored tint of some desert landscapes is the result of
a) chemical weathering
b) mechanical weathering
c) flash flooding
d) the intense heat of the sun

What is the main type of weathering in the desert
a) physical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) weathering by organic acids
d) weathering by water

In the desert envrironment the chemical weathering of rocks is generally reduced because
a) moisture is lacking and organic acids are scarce
b) rocks are scarce in the desert
c) most rocks are buried deep under the soil
d) the soil is so well developed

The weathered debris in deserts consists mainly of
a) unchanged rock and mineral fragments
b) chemically altered rock fragments
c) organic material from decaying plants
d) a thick soil layer

Which of the following statements is NOT true about weathering in deserts
a) there is no chemical weathering in deserts
b) the red color of soil and rocks in deserts is caused by chemical weathering
c) there are thin soils in the desert
d) most weathering in the deserts is physical weathering

Abrasion changes the desert by
a) cutting and polishing exposed rock surfaces
b) depositing loess across the landscape
c) creating pinnacles and narrow pedastals in the rock
d) creating blowouts

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