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When was the Treaty of Paris signed?
a) 1783
b) 1776
c) 1983
d) 2000

What did the Treaty of Paris do?
a) It recognized America's independence and established new US borders.
b) It helped the US trade goods with Paris.
c) It made peace between the US and Paris.
d) It allowed the US to copy the Declaration of Independence from Paris.

Who did not sign the Treaty of Paris?
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) John Jay
d) Benjamin Franklin

Who taught the Continental Army to march and drill at Valley Forge?
a) Baron von Steuben
b) Baron von Stupid
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Baron von Washington

Who stood between the British and the local manufacturing plants and supplies?
a) George Washington's troops at Valley Forge
b) George Washington's troops at Washington DC
c) Baron von Steuben's troops at Valley Forge
d) Baron von Steuben's troops at Washington DC

During the Revolutionary War, what challenge did the Continental Army have?
a) not enough money for supplies
b) not enough money for food
c) not enough men to fight the war
d) no one to work in the stores and businesses

How and when was PA's office of Governor created?
a) 1790, Pennsylvania Constitution
b) 1790, the Declaration of Independence
c) 1783, the Governor's Treay
d) 1776, the Treat of Paris

Once the Decleration of Independence was approved, what did the states have to do?
a) create new state governments
b) throw a party for the state
c) go to war with each other over land
d) start an army for their state

In what document did the US declare its independence?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Treaty of Paris
c) The Valley Forge Treaty
d) The Pennsylvania Constitution

Who fought in George Washington's Continental Army?
a) farmers and merchants as well as African-Americans
b) farmers and merchants but not African-Americans
c) farmers and merchants as well as women
d) all US citizens

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