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Which of the following officials is the chief executive of the state of tx?
a) lieutenant governor
b) speaker of the house
c) cheif justice of the texas supreme court
d) governor

Which of the following governors of tx LEAST closely conforms to the traditional image of the office's occupant?
a) Ann Richards
b) George W Bush
c) Rick Perry
d) Bill Clements

Governor Perry was reelected in 2010. When will tx hold its next governor's election?
a) 2012
b) 2014
c) 2016
d) if perry is elected president, the state will hold a special election in 2013. otherwise 2014

Which of the following is the best explanation of why the tx leg. has failed to override a governor's veto in more than 30 yrs?
a) governor's almost never veto leg, so there are few opportunities
b) the tx constitution requires a 3-4ths vote of both the tx house & senate
c) most vetoes take place after the leg. has adjourned, making an override impossible
d) all of the above

Which of the following items can the leg consider in a special session?
a) any measure it wishes to consider
b) only measures considered in the most recent regular session
c) only measures designated by the governor
d) only measures identified by the lieutenant governor and the speaker as priotiy items

the next governor will inherit a st bureaucracy fully staffed w/perry appt. what can the new gov do to put his stamp on the bur, other than waiting for terms to expire?
a) the gov can replace all of the holdover officials with his or her own appointees
b) the gov can replace hodover officials with the approval of the tx senate by majority vote
c) the gov can replace holdover officials with the approval of the tx senate by a two-thirs vote
d) the gov has no power to remove holdover officials appointed by the previous gov

a convicted murderer is facing execution. Which of the following actions can the governor take without the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles?
a) grant a 30 day reprieve
b) commute the senternce to life in prison without possibility of parole
c) grant the inmate a pardon
d) all of the above

does the lieutentnat gov neccessarily work closely with governor on policy issues?
a) yes. the 2 run for election together as a team and historically have always worked closely together
b) yes. the gov appoints the l. gov and can remove him or her from office for failure to cooperate
c) no. the l. gov is elected independently from the gov and may be the governor's political advisary
d) no. the tx constitution requires that offices be filled by individuals from dif political parties

Which of the following tx executive branch officials is elected?
a) attorney general
b) commissioner of agriculture
c) land commissioner
d) all of the above

Which of the following officials heads an agency that collects child support payments?
a) comptroller
b) attorney general
c) lieutenant governor
d) governor

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