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Which of the following org. would be most likely to help a member of the tx house draft a bill in proper legislative language?
a) legislative budget board (LBB)
b) Legislative Council
c) Legislative Redistricting Board (LRB)
d) House Research Organization (HRO)

In the tx legislature, a joint resolution would be used for which of the following purposes?
a) Propose a state constitutional amendment
b) propose a law
c) state the opinion of the legislature on a certain manner
d) confirm an appointment

What is HB 11?
a) The 11th bill passed by the Texas legislature
b) The 11th bill introducted in th eTexas House
c) The 11th bill signed into law by the governor
d) The 11th bill debated on the floor of the Texas House

At which of the following stages of the legislative process would a bill most likely receive a hearing?
a) Conference committee
b) Calendars committee
c) On the floor
d) Standing committee

e order of priority for the consideration of legislation on the floor of the Texas House?
a) two-thirds rule
b) conference committee
c) calendars committee
d) legislative council

What is the purpose of the two-thirds rule in the Texas Senate?
a) To propose constututional amendments
b) to allow for consideration of a bill on the senate floor
c) to approve the governor's appoinments
d) to override the governor's veto

How many votes are needed to pass ordinary legislation in the texas house?
a) 76 of 150
b) 100 of 150
c) 21 of 31
d) 16 of 31

Is power in the texas legislature centralized or decentralized?
a) it is widely decentralized amoung all the members of the legislature.
b) it is somewhat decentralized among the leaders and committee chairs
c) it is centralized in the hands of the speaker and lieutenant governor
d) It is centralized in the hands of the governor and the most senior members of the tx house and senat

which of the following interest groups was most responsible for the defeat of sanctuary-cities legislation in the 2011 session of the tx legislature?
a) latino rights org. such as LULAC
b) groups allied with the tea party movement
c) labor unions
d) business groups

which of the following political groupings has the most influence in the tx legislature?
a) conservative democrates
b) conservatice republicans
c) liberal democrates
d) liberal republicans

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