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I ..... the football match on TV.
a) was watching
b) were watching
c) was watch
d) were watch

You ..... on the phone an hour ago.
a) were speaking
b) was speaking
c) was spoke
d) were spoke

..... listening to the radio yesterday night?
a) Was he listening
b) Were he listening
c) He was listening
d) He were listening

We didn't go out because it ..... a lot.
a) was raining
b) were raining
c) is raining
d) is rained

No, of course we ..... at the party. We were studying maths.
a) weren't dancing
b) wasn't dancing
c) were dancing
d) was dancing

No, she ..... the marathon. She was at home at that time.
a) wasn't running
b) weren't running
c) was running
d) were running

They ..... their cars when their phones rang.
a) were driving
b) was driving
c) were drive
d) was drive

..... dinner when I called you?
a) Were you cooking
b) Was you cooking
c) You were cooking
d) You was cooking

Mark and I ..... some thing at the market when you phoned us.
a) were buying
b) was buying
c) was buy
d) were buy

The weather was sunny and warm. It ..... at all.
a) wasn't snowing
b) weren't snowing
c) was snowing
d) were snowing

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