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What are natural resources?
a) Raw materials supplied by the earth for human needs
b) natural materials from plants
c) Natural materials from the ocean.
d) Man made materials created for human need.

To save, collect and reuse materials instead of treating them as waste is called?
a) reusing
b) conservation
c) reducing
d) recycling

Energy given off by the sun is called?
a) chemical energy
b) crystalized
c) solar energy
d) mechanical energy

A nonrenewable energy source known as oil is also called?
a) fuel
b) natural gas
c) gasoline
d) Petroleum

To use what you need as efficiently as possible is called?
a) recycling
b) saving
c) conservation
d) preservation

Which is the nonrenewable energy source? (coal, oxygen, trees, tomatoes)
a) oxygen
b) tomatoes
c) trees
d) coal

The dark brown part of soil made up of rotting plants and animals is called?
a) humus
c) ore
d) compost

A mineral rich rock deposit that can be removed from the earth is called
a) humus
b) silt
c) salt
d) ore

Fuels made from the remains of living things that died millions of years ago are called?
a) gold
b) skeletons
c) remains
d) Fossil fuels

All energy found in fossil fuels can be traced to __________
a) earth\'s core
b) moon
c) earth
d) sun

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