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How frequently and for how long does the texas legislature meet in regular session?
a) every year for 140 days
b) every other year for 140 days
c) every year, for 140 days in odd-numbered years and 60 days in even-numbered years
d) every year with no limit on session length

a legislature with two chambers is known by which of the following terms?
a) unicameral
b) partisan
c) nonpartisan
d) bicameral

suppose that regular session of tx leg ends & the leg has failed to adopt legislation addressing an important matter. What, if anything, can be done to address the situation now?
a) the governor can call a special session
b) the legislature can call itself back into session
c) the lieutenant governor and the speaker can create an interim committee
d) the legislature will have no option but to wait two years until its next session

what is the salary of a member of the texas legislature?
a) 72,000 a year
b) 60,000 a year
c) 7,200 a year
d) texas legislators are not paid

do term limits apply to the texas legislature?
a) yes. house members are limited to 4 term; senators can serve no more than 2 terms
b) yes. no member of the legislature can serve more than eight years
c) yes. all members are limited to 12 years in office
d) no. term limits do not apply

how is the lieutenant governor normally chosen?
a) the lieutenant governor is a state senator selected by the majority party in th etexas senate
b) the lieutenant governor is elected statewide
c) the lieutenant governor is a state senator selected by majority vote of the tx senate
d) the governor appoints the lieutenant governor

Which of the following steps would a member of the tx house take if that member wanted to become speaker in the next session of the legislature?
a) he or she would begin gathering signed pledge cards from other members of the house
b) he or she would begin raising money and building an organization to run a statewide election campaig
c) he or she would begin lobbying the governor for the appointment
d) he or she would begin lobbying the lieutnant governor for the appointment

Who presides in the Texas Senate?
a) vice president
b) speaker
c) lieutenant governor
d) governor

how are committe chairs in the texas senate selected?
a) they are elected by the full senate
b) they appointed by the governor
c) they are appointed by the lieutenant governor
d) they are appointed by the speaker

which of the following committees holds meetings only between legislative sessions?
a) standing committees
b) interim committees
c) conference committees
d) all of the above

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