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Which of the following is true about ice sheets
a) they flow in all directions
b) they are the smallest type of glacier
c) they usually flow down valleys
d) they are found in high mountainous areas

A thick ice mass that forms over the land from the accumulation, compaction, and recrystallization of snow is a
a) glacier
b) fjord
c) cirque
d) drumlin

Where do glaciers form
a) in areas where more snow falls than melts
b) only at the poles
c) only in high mountains
d) only in oceans

The loosening and lifting of blocks by rock by glaciers is called
a) plucking
b) wastage
c) abrasion
d) till

One characteristic of glacial movement is that
a) the movement depend on the balance between accumulation and wastage
b) all glaciers, regardless of size, move at about the same rate
c) new snowfall accumulates in a zone at the bottom of the glacier
d) the zone of wastage is at the top of the glacier

(in your book p 197 figure 12) Where is the outwash plain
a) the very flat part, on the very right of the picture
b) the glaciers part, on the very left of the picture
c) between the flat part to the right and the glacier to the left
d) the layer below the surface

(in your book p 197 figure 12) What features were deposited by streams flowing in tunnels beneath the ice
a) eskers
b) kames
c) drumlins
d) kettle lakes

Which of the following is NOT an effect that Pleistocene glaciers had on the landscape
a) extinction of the dinasaurs
b) worldwide changes in sea level
c) climate changes
d) changes in river drainage

Which of the following features was formed by glacial erosion
a) the Great Lakes
b) the Missouri River
c) the Basin and Range
d) the Mississippi River

In the desert, ephemeral streams
a) run only after it rains
b) run continuously, although the amount of flow varies
c) are actually stream beds that no longer carry water
d) carry water underground

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