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Which political party controlled redistricting in tx after the 2010 us census?
a) the dem party had controle, because preisdent obama is a dem
b) neither party had control because a non-partisan commission is responsible for redistricting n tx
c) the two parties shared control because each party had a majority in one house of the legislature.
d) the republican party had control, because it had majorities in both houses of the legislature and t

Astate leg draws an oddly shaped congressional dis carefully designed to give advantage to candidates of political party that controls leg. This action is an example of which one?
a) a coalitional district
b) gerrymandering
c) coattail effect
d) prospective voting

What is the purpose of the Voting Rights Act (VRA)?
a) to prevent gerrymandering
b) to protect against voter fraud
c) to ensure that districts have equal population size
d) to protect the voting rights of racial and ethnic minorities

which of the following is responsible for drawing the boundaries of us congressional districts in tx?
a) texas legislature
b) legislative redistricting board (LRB)
c) texas supreme court
d) texas governor

Suppose that newly drawn congressional districts from tx range in population size from 600,000 to 800,000. Would it be legal to have a population variance that great?
a) No. It would violate the one person, one vote doctrine.
b) Yes. A certain amount of population variance is allowed in drawing district lines.
c) No. It would be illegal gerrymandering.
d) No. It would violate the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

Which of the following officials running for office in tx is elected in a district election?
a) texas attorner general
b) all of the above
c) member of the tx senate
d) justice of the texas court of criminal appeals

An attempt to get info to voters that will persuade them to elect a canidate or not elect an opponent is the definition of which of the following concepts?
a) retrospective voting
b) gerrymandering
c) reapportionment
d) election campaign

why are incumbent officeholders usually able to win reelection?
a) they are usually better known than their opponents
b) all of the above
c) they often have advantage of running 4 reelection from districts that favor members of their party
d) they can usually raise more money than their opponents

"I voted against governor perry in the last election because i blame hime for my college tution going up." This statement illustrates which of the following concepts?
a) retrospective voting
b) straight-ticket ballot
c) coattail effect
d) gerrymandering

tx repubs hoped that gov perry would win 2012 pres nom cause they thought his presence on ballot would provide boost2 repubs up n down the ticket. what is this?
a) retrospective voting
b) texas two step
c) coattail effect
d) prospective voting

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