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what is the purpose of a local-option election?
a) to remove an elected official from office
b) to allow local voters to legalize casino gambling
c) to legalize the sale of alcoholic beverages
d) to obtain voter approval for a local government going into debt

A process whereby citizens can propose legislation by gathering signatures is known as which of the following?
a) special election
b) initiative
c) recall
d) one person, one vote

What is the purpose of a bond election
a) to fill an unexpected vacancy caused by the death or resignation of a member of congress or the leg.
b) to remove an official from office before th end of his or her term
c) to approve a change in the tx constitution
d) to obtain voter approval for a local government going into debt

The tx 2-step is most closely associated with which of the following?
a) the system the tx dem party uses to participate in the presidential candidate nomination process
b) the coattail effect on down-ballot canidates in tx
c) the implemtation of the voting rights act in tx
d) redistricting in tx after the census data are made available

Which of the following elections is always held in March of even-numbered years?
a) local election
b) primary election
c) special election
d) general election

Which of the following elections is won by the candidate with the most votes, regardless of whether the candidate has a majority of votes cast?
a) dem primary election
b) none of the above
c) general election
d) republican primary election

"It was a long ballot, but I finished voting in just a few seconds. I clicked one button & then I was done. Also, I voted in every race." What did the voter do?
a) the voter cast a split-ticket ballot
b) the voter cast a prospective ballot
c) the voter cast a retrospective ballot
d) the vote cast a straight-ticket ballot

Which of the following is an argument AGAINST the long ballot?
a) Cititzens lack sufficient info about canidates to make intelligent choices in many races.
b) all of the above
c) citizens can vote out elected officials who perform poorly
d) elections are a means for voters to hold public officials accountable.

In 2010, voters in Harris County had the opportunity to vote on candiates in more than 80 contested races. This situation illustrates which of the following concepts?
a) redistricting
b) gerrymandering
c) long ballot
d) prospective voting

Whish of the following officials running for office in tx is elected in an at-large election?
a) justice of the tx supreme court
b) us senator
c) lieutenant governor
d) all of the above

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