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If a car stops suddenly and the contents of the car are thrown forward what law is being applied.
a) Newton's Law of Gravity
b) Newton's Law of Intertia
c) Newton's Law Action/Reaction
d) Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration

A force is
a) a push or pull
b) acceleration
c) mass
d) speed

What is the force that works against motion
a) gravity
b) natural force
c) friction
d) weight

Which example explains balanced forces?
a) a skateboard rolling down the sidewalk
b) a car moving at a constant speed
c) a ball falling from the roof of a building
d) car hitting another car

If a car is accelerating a 5m/s/s and it has a mass of 2000 kg, what is the force acting on the car
a) 100 N
b) 1,000 N
c) 10,000 N
d) 500 N

Which of Newtons Laws describes the relationship between mass and acceleration
a) Law of interia
b) Law of action-reaction
c) Law of gravity
d) Law of force and acceleration

If an object is standing still where is the acceleration coming from that causes force to decrease as mass decreases?
a) spin of the earth
b) friction
c) gravity
d) pull of the moon

What is Newton's Third Law of Motion
a) Law of Inertia
b) Law of Action/Reaction
c) Law of Force and Acceleration
d) Law of Friction

When a soccer player kicks the ball and the ball pushes back on the players foot what law is being applied?
a) Law of force and acceleration
b) Law of intertia
c) Law of action/reaction
d) Law of gravity

When a baseball player throws a ball what law is being applied?
a) Law of foce and acceleration
b) Law of interia
c) Law of action/reaction
d) Law of friction

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