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Which idea is most closely associated with laissez-faire economics?
a) communes
b) trade unionism
c) subsistence agriculture
d) free trade

The term subsistence farming is best defined as
a) redistributing farmland
b) producing only enough crops to meet family needs
c) irrigating farmland
d) exchanging farm products for moeny

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels expressed the idea that
a) religion should be the most important factor
b) power should be determined by a person's wealth
c) profits from work should belong to the workers
d) supply and demand should control prices

Which characteristic is associated with an economy based on the principles of laissez-faire?
a) prices based on supply and demand
b) production quotas established by the central government
c) distribution of goods determined by the customs of a traditional society
d) some goods exchanged for other goods of equal value

What was a result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe?
a) the growth of the middle class
b) an increase in nomadic herding
c) a decline in urban population
d) a decrease in international trade

What is a major feature of a traditional economy?
a) nationalizing foreign owned businesses
b) determining prices using a free market
c) establishing quotas based on five year plans
d) bartering for goods and services

Which pair of natural resources were used to change transportation and manufacturing in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution?
a) gold and salt
b) diamonds and petroleum
c) copper and tin
d) coal and iron ore

Transportation in the 1800s was revolutionized by the development of the
a) caravel
b) airplane
c) astrolabe
d) steam engine

What is a major belief associated with Marxism?
a) The proletariat would rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie.
b) Religion should be more important than political forces.
c) Private ownership of property should be expanded.
d) Peasants would gain control of overseas markets.

A major reason the Industrial Revolution developed in Great Britain in the 1700s was because of Great Britain's
a) immigration policies
b) geographic features
c) use of collectivization
d) access to imported oil

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