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Aaron is visiting another country on vacation and eating in a restaurant. He notices that many around him are using eating utensils differently. What should he do?
a) Ask the waitress what to do
b) Decline to eat anything that doesn\\\'t look familar
c) Eat the way he is accustomed to
d) Watch others in the restaurant and eat as they do.

Selecting low-sodium foods is an example of whcih food choiice factor?
a) Comfort
b) Nutrition
c) Entertainment
d) Enjoyment

Eting sushi for the first time is an example of which food choice factors?
a) Adventure
b) Wellness
c) Entertainment
d) Enjoyment

Losing a job and attending culinary school are both examples of which individual influence on food?
a) Personal beleifs
b) Religious and Cultural
c) Situational factors
d) Social factors

Eating foods because everyonhe else likes them, even when one doesnt's, is an example of which factor affecting food choices?
a) Familyi schedules
b) Knowledge and skills
c) Peer Group
d) Stages of life

Eating convenience foods because a person does'nt know how to cook is an example of which factor affecting food choices
a) Family schedules
b) Knowledge and skills
c) Peer group
d) Stages of life

Picking a certain brand of water becuase of the advertisment is what type of external food choice?
a) Economic
b) Environemtal
c) Media
d) Technological

Food processed in aspeptic packaging (Juice Boxes) is what type of external food influence?
a) Economic
b) Environmental
c) Media
d) Technological

Which is an example of an external influence affecting food choices?
a) Atttitudes toward food
b) Health limitations
c) Religious restrictions
d) Vitamin fortification

Choosing to eat pizza with friends at lunch is an example of which food choice factor?
a) Economy
b) Entertainment
c) Nutrition
d) Wellness

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