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Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrick Engles to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto
a) Industrial
b) Scientific
c) Glorious
d) Neolithic

Most traditional societies are
a) closely linked to the natural environment
b) located near large urban areas
c) organized around complex economic systems
d) dependent on manufacturing

In a traditional economic system, which type of goods is most often produced?
a) heavy industrial machinery
b) agricultural products
c) military supplies
d) electronics and computers

What is one characteristic of a society that practices subsistence agriculture?
a) growth of surplus crops for export
b) establishment of large state owned farms
c) dependence on the use of slave labor for the production of crops
d) production of crops mainly for its own use

Laissez-faire capitalism as attributed to Adam Smith called for
a) heavy taxation of manufacturers
b) strict government control of the economy
c) minimal government involvement in the economy
d) government investments in major industries

Which event had the greatest influence on the development of laissez-faire capitalism?
a) fall of the Roman Empire
b) invention of the printing press
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Green Revolution

What is a key principle of a market economy?
a) The means of production are controlled by the state
b) Supply and demand determine production and price
c) Employment opportunities are determined by social class
d) Businesses are owned by the people collectively

Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels encouraged workers to improve their lives by
a) electing union representatives
b) participating in local governments
c) overthrowing the capitalist system
d) demanding pensions and disability insurance

In England, which circumstance was a result of the other three?
a) start of the Industrial Revolution
b) availability of labor
c) abundance of coal and iron
d) waterpower from many rivers

Increased agricultural production in England in the late 1700s contributed directly to
a) the development of a worldwide communications network
b) the introduction of manorialism
c) a decrease in the power of the monarch
d) an increase in life expectancy

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