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What is PCR?
a) A method to cleave DNA
b) A technique used to transcribe DNA
c) is produced from ribonucleoside triphosphates
d) A technique to amplify DNA

Restriction enzymes
a) cleave DNA at highly specific sequences
b) add methyl groups to DNA
c) are made by eukaryotic cells
d) are not useful to bacteria

The phenotype of an individual
a) is either homozygous or heterozygous
b) depends at least in part to the genotype
c) is the genetic constitution of the organism
d) determines the genotype

Linked genes
a) never show crossing over
b) must be immediately adjunct to one another on the chromosome
c) are always on the same chromosome
d) always have multiple alleles

In epistasis
a) one gene alters the effect of another
b) nothing changes from generation to generation
c) a portion of the chromosome is deleted
d) the behavior of two genes is completely independent

Which statement about a homozygote is untrue?
a) each of its cells possesses two copies of that allele
b) its parents were necessarily homozygous
c) Each of its gametes possesses one copy of that allele
d) it is true breeding with respect to that allele

Which of the following is not a type of chromosomal mutation?
a) point mutation
b) deletion
c) duplication
d) inversion

A nonsense mutation is
a) a change in the genetic code for one amino acid to one for another amino acid
b) one that has no effect on the amino acid sequence
c) one that results in a basic amino acid being substituted for an acidic one
d) a base substitution that results in a stop codon

Germline mutations
a) cannot be passed on the offspring
b) are ones that occur in any part of the body
c) are ones that occur in the gametes
d) are usually fatal

Gel electrophoresis
a) is a way to separate or purify DNA fragments
b) can be used to identify animo acids in a protein
c) cannot be used to determine the size of DNA fragments
d) is a method used to cleave DNA

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