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Conceptual, physical and mathematical models are used to:
a) define criteria for a solution
b) determine trade-offs
c) train designers
d) evaluate design solutions

Sketching is a tool used in the creation of what type of models?
a) conceptual
b) physical
c) mathematical
d) psychological

Isometric, oblique, perspective and orthographic are different types of:
a) mathematical processes
b) modeling techniques
c) technical sketches/drawings
d) electronic tests

Mock ups and prototypes are different types of:
a) psychological models
b) conceptual models
c) physical models
d) mathematical models

Mathematical modeling aids in technological design by simulating how:
a) a solution should be designed
b) a proposed system might behave
c) physical models should be built
d) designs should be used

Mathematical models allow engineers and designers to express ideas:
a) physically
b) conceptually
c) randomly
d) precisely

A characteristic of a 3D model that a 2D model does not have is:
a) volume
b) surface area
c) height
d) width

The mathematical formula for the area of a triangle is:
a) A = length x width
b) A = base x ½ (height)
c) A = Π x radius2
d) A = length x width x height

The mathematical formula for the volume of a pyramid is:
a) V = length x width x height
b) V = Cube of Diameter x .5236
c) V = Area of Base x 1/3 Perpendicular Height
d) V = Square of Diameter x Length x .7854

____________________ drawings are three dimensional representations of an object where the object lines converge on one or more points.
a) Isometric
b) Oblique
c) Perspective
d) Orthographic

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