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(in your book p. 172, figure 14) Where can a well be drilled?
a) above the perched water table
b) above the zone of aeration
c) above the zone of aeration and the perched water table
d) neither the zone of aeration or the perched water table

Ground water is found underground in the zone of
a) saturation
b) soil
c) sediment
d) aeration

Permeable rock layers or sediments that transmit groundwater freely are called
a) aquifers
b) aquitards
c) caverns
d) springs

Which of the following is a measure of a materials ability to transmit fluids through interconnected pore spaces?
a) permeability
b) competence
c) porosity
d) capacity

Springs form where
a) the water table intersects the gound surface
b) there is no water table
c) groundwater sinks into the soil
d) flooding makes streams overflow their banks

Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own under pressure is a
a) artesian well
b) aquifer
c) cone of depression
d) hot spring

Groundwater contaminated by sewage from a ruptured septic tank can sometimes be naturally purified by flowing for a relatively short distance through a
a) sandstone aquifer
b) fractured limestone aquifer
c) cavernous limestone aquifer
d) spring where the water table intersect the ground surface

Which of the following statements is true about stalactites?
a) they hang from the ceiling of a cavern
b) they grow up from the floor of a cavern
c) they are the same as stalgmites
d) they either hang from the ceiling or grow up from the floor of a cavern

Which type of rock usually underlies a karst landscape
a) limestone
b) granite
c) basalt
d) shale

Which of the following is associated with areas of karst topography?
a) all the answers listed
b) sinkholes
c) sinking streams
d) caverns

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