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Stephanie thinks she found a sedimentary rock on a camping trip. Which of the following observations could have led her to this conclusion?
a) The rock was shiny.
b) The rock was very dense.
c) The rock was gray in color.
d) The rock had sand size particles that looked glued together.

Typically, sedimentary rock is formed –
a) only from volcanic eruptions
b) from earth materials that settle and cement together.
c) in areas of high heat and pressure.
d) deep within the Earth where temperatures are very high

The layers in sedimentary rock form when -
a) ancient humans carved the lines.
b) animals scratched the lines using their claws.
c) sediments were compacted into layers over time.
d) humans stacked layers of rock on top of one another

Scientists were studying layers of rock at an archeological dig. Which layer of rock is the oldest?
a) The bottom layer
b) The top layer
c) The middle layers
d) All layers are the same age

The formation of sedimentary rock involves –
a) all of the choices are correct
b) weathering
c) erosion
d) deposition

Why is humus an important addition to soil?
a) it allows for better plant growth
b) it keeps the soil from retaining too much water
c) it absorbs oxygen for the plants
d) it makes the soil a darker color

Small bits of weathered rock and sediments can be formed into sedimentary rock by –
a) melting and cementation
b) heat and time
c) cementation and pressure
d) chemical weathering

A group of hills stands where a mountain range once stood. What could explain this change in the landforms?
a) weathering and erosion
b) weathering and deposition
c) climte change
d) earthquakes

Ken is planning an experimental investigation which will model the formation of a delta. Which of the following would be a reasonable variable to test for its effect on the size of the delta formed?
a) wind speed
b) rate of water flow
c) size of ice (glacier)
d) rate of evaporation

Which of the following land forms is most likely to experience frequent changes?
a) sand dune
b) canyon
c) mountain
d) valley

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