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When you combine vinegar and baking soda the product is gas. What are the vinegar and baking soda called -
a) reactant
b) product
c) element
d) suspension

Burning wood is considered a chemical change because the ash and released gases left over have -
a) an identical melting point
b) the same chemical composition as wood
c) properties that differ from wood
d) the same physical properties as wood

The Law of Conservation of Matter states -
a) matter can be created and destroyed
b) matter can not be created nor destroyed
c) matter can only be created
d) matter can only be destroyed

An example of a chemical change would be -
a) burning paper
b) dissolving sugar in tea
c) mixing alcohol and water
d) melting ice

When a atomic particle strikes another atomic particle, and are broken into smaller pieces this is called -
a) physical reaction
b) fission reaction
c) endothermic reaction
d) fusion reaction

Nuclear fission is the ____________________ of particles.
a) splitting
b) joining
c) melting
d) destroying

Kinetic energy measures the energy of an object in -
a) rest
b) McDonalds
c) motion
d) in space

Potential energy measures the energy of an object at -
a) rest
b) Burger King
c) motion
d) in space

In a battery, the energy is usually stored in the form of -
a) mechanical energy
b) radiant energy
c) chemical energy
d) thermal energy

Solar energy collected from sun is converted into what type of energy
a) electrical energy
b) nuclear energy
c) thermal energy
d) chemical energy

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