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The British surrendered at the battle of...
a) New York
b) Saratoga
c) Yorktown
d) Trenton

What was the significance of the battle of Saratoga?
a) It showed that the British were the strongest army in the world
b) It was the turning point of the war for the Americans
c) It was the first time General George Washington lost a battle
d) The British surrendered there

What was the main purpose of the Declaration?
a) to start the United States government
b) to declare the separation of the US from Britain
c) to declare the rights of the individual
d) to list complaints against King Henry II

Thomas Paine's Common Sense increased support for the _____ in the colonies.
a) Patriots
b) Loyalists
c) British Army
d) French

The principles found in the Declaration were directly influenced by John Lock's ideas of...
a) Divine Rights
b) Natural Rights
c) Separation of Governmental powers
d) Economic principles

The VA resolution (plan) proclaimed that the colonies were...
a) going to remain a part of Britain
b) out of their minds
c) In rebellion
d) Free and independent states

The British surrendered at ___________ to ___________ and _________________ forces.
a) Yorktown, British, American
b) Yorktown, American, French
c) Saratoga, American, Spanish
d) New York, American, French

loyalists are....
a) another name for patriots
b) Loyal to the king of England
c) another person on the street
d) colonists that want to separate from England

The leader (commander) of the British army was:
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Gates
c) Charles Cornwallis
d) John Wilks Booth

This person wrote a pamphlet using common language and logic to persuade colonists to join the Patriot cause.
a) Thomas Paine
b) All Helped
c) Ben Martin
d) Thomas Jefferson

George Washington's army spent the winter of 1777 here. They were low on supplies and many became sick and even died.
a) Saratoga
b) Valley Forge
c) Philadelphia
d) Yorktown

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