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Create the 2nd person singular perfect tense of portare.
a) portavistis
b) portaverunt
c) portavi
d) portavisti

Create the 1st person, plural, perfect tense of doceo, docere.
a) docuisti
b) docuimus
c) docuerunt
d) docuit

Which form is 2nd person, plural, perfect tense?
a) docuisti
b) liberavistis
c) portavisti
d) docuerunt

How would you translate "habuistis"?
a) I did have
b) You all have lived
c) You did live
d) You all did have

How would you translate "meruimus"?
a) I did deserve
b) We deserved
c) You have deserved
d) They did deserve

Create the form that would be translated "They have freed."
a) liberavisti
b) liberavimus
c) liberaverunt
d) liberavi

Choose the form that would be translated "you all have held"
a) tenuistis
b) tenui
c) tenuisti
d) tenuimus

Choose the correct translation of "laborabit."
a) he did work
b) she will work
c) they will work
d) it had worked

Create the 3rd person, singular, perfect tense of video, videre
a) vidisti
b) viderunt
c) vidit
d) vidimus

Choose the correct translation of "paravisti"
a) you prepared
b) you carried
c) you all carried
d) you all prepared

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