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The suspended load of a stream
a) usually consists of find sand, silt, and clay sized particles
b) is deposited before the bed load
c) consists primarily of highly soluble substances
d) moves along the bottom of the channel by rolling or sliding

The capacity of a stream is directly related to its
a) discharge
b) velocity
c) gradient
d) meandering

A depositional feature that forms where a stream enters a lake or ocean is
a) delta
b) natural levee
c) meander
d) oxbow lake

A natural levee is
a) a depositonal feature parallel to the stream channel
b) an erosional feature perpendicular to the stram channel
c) a depositional feature perpendicular to the stream channel
d) a erosional feature parallel to the stream channel

In the stream channel, which of the following will be deposited first
a) gravel sized particles
b) the dissolved load
c) find sand and silt
d) clay sized particles

A floodplain forms where a stream
a) cuts mainly side to side
b) carries no bed load
c) cuts downward rapidly
d) is far above its base level

Which of the following would least likely to be found in a wide valley
a) rapids
b) oxbow lake
c) meanders
d) a cutoff

What type of stream valley would form in a mountainous area
a) a narrow V shaped valley
b) a wide, flat valley
c) no valley would form
d) the type of valley would depend on the stream discharge

One major cause of a flood is
a) rapid snow melt
b) a decrease in stream discharge
c) light rain over a large area
d) increased capacity of stream channels

Limiting development on floodplains is effective because it
a) allows floodplains to absord floodwaters with little harm to structures
b) eliminates wide stream meanders
c) is more expensive to build structures on flat land
d) helps to keep floodwaters within stream channels

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