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The Coriolis effect provides evidence that Earth
a) rotates
b) has a tilted axis
c) has seasons
d) revolves

What causes currents in the atmosphere?
a) ocean waves and currents
b) pressure from the ozone layer
c) solar heating of the upper atmosphere
d) warm air rising and cold air sinking

What explains the change of air movement direction at the beach from day time to night time?
a) water is always cooler than land
b) land temperatures change more quickly than water temperatures
c) cool air rises more quickly than warm air
d) the sun warms the moist ocean air more than the dry land air

Release of CFC's and simliar compounds are a possible cause of
a) destruction of ozone in the upper atmosphere
b) acid rain in the northeast U.S.
c) greenhouse gas build-up in the lower atmosphere
d) increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration

Ozone is concentrated in Earth's atmosphere at an altiude of 20 to 35 kilometers. Which atmospheric layer contains the greatest concentration of ozone?
a) mesosphere
b) thermosphere
c) troposphere
d) stratosphere

Which of the following was primarily responsible for the development of life outside of the oceans?
a) a decrease in atmospheric hydrogen
b) a decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide
c) an increase in atmospheric nitrogen
d) an increase in atmospheric oxygen

Scientists believe that Earth's early atmosphere changed in composition as a result of
a) the appearance of oxygen-producing organisms
b) the drifting of the continents
c) the changes in Earth's magnetic field
d) a transfer of gases from the Sun

Which atmospheric conditions would cause smoke from a campfire on a beach to blow toward the ocean?
a) warm air over the land and cool air over the ocean
b) humid air over the land and dry air over the ocean
c) low-density air over the land and high-density air over the ocean
d) high air pressure over the land and low air pressure over the ocean

How did oxygen first get into the atmosphere?
a) photosynthesis
b) convection
c) rifting
d) tension

Which of these would come next in the water cycle? Ocean---Evaporation---Condensation--- ?
a) aeration
b) sedimentation
c) deposition
d) precipitation

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