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The Earth's atmosphere contains which of the following elements and compounds
a) Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Water Vapor
b) Mostly all Hydrogen Gas
c) Mostly all Carbon Dioxide
d) Neon

Which two atmospheres are the most similar
a) Earth and Mars
b) Mercury and Mars
c) Venus and Earth
d) Mars and Venus

What is the Goldilocks Zone?
a) A storybook about 3 bears
b) The perfect conditions (atmosphere and distance from the sun) for life on a planet
c) Another name for Mar\'s Atmosphere
d) The place in the solar system where the asteroid belt is found

Which is NOT true of OZONE?
a) It contains 3 atoms of oxygen
b) It is found in our atmosphere
c) It protects us from UV rays
d) It is identical to regular oxygen

Which of the following is the correct formula for density?
a) Mass/Volume
b) Volume * Mass
c) Mass * Volume
d) Volume/Mass

The atmosphere is heavy. If pressure is greatest at the surface, why doesn't it crush us?
a) It is crushing us- Man, do I have a headache
b) Air pressure pushes side to side
c) Air is pushing on us in all directions
d) air pressure always pushes up

As altitude increases...
a) Pressure decreases
b) Pressure changes time to time and place to place
c) Pressure stays the same
d) Pressure increases

As altitude increases
a) Temperature stays the same
b) Temperature changes time to time and place to place
c) temperature decreases
d) Temperature increases

Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?
a) Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
b) Argon
c) Methane
d) Water Vapor

Which element/Compound makes up the LARGEST % of earth\'s atmosphere
a) Nitrogen
b) Methane
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Oxygen

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