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The Scientific Method is a/an:
a) undefined linear procedure
b) defined circular procedure
c) undefined circular procedure
d) defined linear procedure

The Engineering Design Process follows:
a) a defined circular path
b) a defined linear path
c) undefined circular procedure
d) undefined linear procedure

In science, you form a hypothesis; in engineering, you:
a) identify criteria
b) define a problem
c) Brainstorm
d) build a prototype

In science, you report your results; in engineering, you :
a) communicate results
b) define a problem
c) brainstorm
d) build a prototype

A systematic application of mathematical, scientific and technical principles is:
a) sociological design
b) scientific design
c) engineering design
d) psychological design

By defining the problem, the designer clearly identifies what humans:
a) like or want
b) like and want
c) like and don’t like
d) need or want

The process of checking to see if a solution to a problem already exists is called:
a) research
b) brainstorming
c) testing
d) optimizing

A prototype is a model that:
a) looks exactly as the final solution would but does not function
b) performs exactly as the final solution would
c) does not meet the stated criteria
d) does not meet the stated constraints

Data is collected during:
a) evaluating
b) refindment
c) testing
d) optimization

Design portfolios, design journals, drawings and schematics are all used to:
a) evaluate
b) communicate
c) test
d) optimize

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