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Who coined the term "Gilded Age" in a book?
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) Walt Whitman
c) John D Rockefeller
d) Mark Twain

Which of the following would BEST describe what life was like in the cities of the late 1800s?
a) dirty, dangerous conditions with many families living in small apartments and working long hours
b) some areas of the city were dirty, but most of it was clean and safe to live in
c) Police Officers and Government workers were the only ones that could be trusted
d) most families lived in nice homes around the city square

Which African American believed that in order to acheive equality, they needed to prove their worth through actions
a) WEB Dubois
b) Boss Tweed
c) Booker T Washington
d) Ida B Wells

The Populist Party supported which of the following ideas on their Platform?
a) Increasing Railroad rates
b) An 8 hour Workday
c) Socialism
d) Segregating Blacks and Whites

Who was Jim Crow?
a) a Black man that went around pretending to be White
b) a character created by a White man in the 1830s
c) the leader of the Populist Party
d) Presidential Candidate in 1896

Which one is the theory that those who are meant to survive will evolve in society?
a) Socialism
b) Individualism
c) Communism
d) Social Darwinism

This is the time period with Americans push for social changes to better American lives and get rid of corruption?
a) Isolationism
b) Progressivism
c) Idealism
d) Realism

This was an organization that fought to unify and protect the interests of farmers
a) The Farmers Alliance
b) The Peoples Alliance
c) The American Alliance
d) Future Farmers of the World

This was term used when a Union member was labeled as a "troublemaker" and lost his job.
a) Trouble
b) Unemployable
c) Blacklisted
d) Socialist

A journalist that writes about the problems in society were called:
a) muckrakers
b) socialists
c) tabloidists
d) commoners

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