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1. Light is an example of
a) A. force
b) D. heat
c) C. matter
d) B. energy

2. Earth’s seasons can be attributed primarily to which of the following in conjunction with its revolution about the Sun?
a) A. Tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation relative to the ecliptic
b) D. The rotation of the Earth during a 24 –hour day
c) C. The Earth’s orbit about the Sun as an ellipse rather than a circle
d) B. The varying amount of sunspot activity

3. The tides on Earth are caused by
a) A. season
b) D. Gravity
c) C. Waves
d) B. Wind

4. Engineers are testing a new model of car. Tests in a wind tunnel indicate that there are problems controlling the car in conditions where high winds blow across the car.
a) change the shape of the car
b) change to premium-grade gasoline
c) change the car\'s breaking system
d) change the power of the engine

5. What causes winter in the northern hemisphere?
a) Earth is further from the sun.
b) Ocean temperatures become colder.
c) The sun is higher in the sky
d) The sun shines less directly on the northern hemisphere.

6. A rubber ball is placed into a graduated cylinder filled halfway with water. The ball sinks to the bottom, and a student notes that the water rises by 12 mL.
a) A. Bouyancy
b) D. Weight
c) C. Volume
d) B. Mass

7. Which of these planets is the largest?
a) A. Mars
b) D. Neptune
c) C. Jupiter
d) B. Earth

What is the largest object in the solar system?
a) A. Jupiter
b) B. Earth
c) C. Sun
d) D. Mars

11. In which parts of the day are shadows shortest?
a) A. Morning
b) B. Midday
c) C. Sunset
d) D. Twilight

14. Plants use the energy of sunlight to produce
a) A. oxygen and sugar
b) B. carbon dioxide and water
c) C. oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) D. carbon dioxide and sugar

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