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One of the duties of an elected representative in Canada is to...
a) poll all their constituents to find out how they should vote on political issues before every sessio
b) inform Canadian citizens about new laws or changes in laws.
c) appoint juries for civil and criminal trials.
d) ensure that the people they represent accept and like the decisions that the elected representatives

What is the main reason that it is important for Canadian citizens to vote?
a) it is required by law
b) It gives new parties a chance to govern
c) it expresses support for the current government
d) it gives citizens a voice in how the country is governed

What is a constituency?
a) A service provided by the government
b) A count of the population performed every 5 years
c) An electoral area represented by an elected representative in the Government
d) A bill that has not yet been passed into law by the government

What document in 1215 introduced the rule of law?
a) The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
b) The Magna Carta
c) The Indian Act
d) The British North America Act

The right to associate with whomever you wish and express opinions and beliefs openly would be considered examples of:
a) fundamental freedoms
b) equality rights
c) democratic rights
d) democratic rights

The right to __________ is not one of the rights and freedoms granted to Canadian citizens?
a) Participate in the democratic process
b) Be assumed innocent until proven guilty
c) Bear arms
d) Enter or exit Canada

The use of consensus as a way of making decisions by the Haudenosaunee reflected their beliefs that:
a) all people are equal and it is only fair that the needs and opinions of all people are considered.
b) decisions should be made slowly and they should never be rushed into.
c) accepting the choice of the majority of the people was the only fair way to make a decision.
d) only the wise Elders should confer on matters and make decision based on their knowledge and experie

Which of the following details of the social structure of the Iroquois Confederacy helped to prevent any one nation (of the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga or Tuscarora) f
a) Powerful War Chiefs.
b) Leadership of women who tended to be more peaceful than men.
c) The clan system
d) Communal (group) living arrangements in longhouses.

In the democratic political system of ancient Athens, a magistrate
a) was the name given to the leader of the Council of 500 during his 24 hours of leadership.
b) was the name given to a person who was born outside of Athens or who's parents were born outside of
c) ruled the social class made up of the nobility
d) heard complaints or disputes between citizens and then set a fine, assigned a punishment or sent the

Athens was able to independently develop a democratic system of government at a time when many other cities of ancient Greece could not because Athens:
a) was not part of ancient Greece.
b) was an independent community with its own government, laws, and army
c) won its independence from Greece and the right to self-govern in the Greco-Athenian War.
d) was such a remote place that the ruling monarchs and then tyrants of other Greek city-states were un

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