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What is a characteristic of mitosis?
a) Two identical daughter cells are produced
b) Two diferent daughter cells are produced
c) Four identical daughter cells are produced
d) four different daughter cells are produced

Whch is true for meiosis?
a) Four haploid cells are produced
b) Four diploid cells are produced

What is a fertilized egg?
a) Zygote
b) Sporulation
c) Gamete
d) Spermatogenesis

What is the fusion of sperm and egg nuclei?
a) fertilization
b) zygote
c) meiosis
d) ovulation

Which is an example of asexual reproduction?
a) All answers are asexual reproduction
b) Tubers
c) Binary fission
d) Budding

Where does fertilization take place?
a) oviduct
b) ovary
c) uterus

Where does a fetus develop?
a) Uterus
b) Stomach
c) Ovary
d) Oviduct

Where are eggs produced?
a) ovary
b) oviduct
c) uterus
d) testes

What are the male sex cells?
a) sperm
b) egg
c) spore
d) bud

What is the equal dividing of a unicellular organism?
a) binary fission
b) budding
c) vegatative propagation
d) gametatogenesis

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