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Who proposed the theory of continental drift and Pangaea
a) James Hutton
b) Bill Nye
c) Albert Einstein
d) Alfred Wegener

Which two fossils provided evidence for the theory of continental drift
a) Mesosaurus and Glossopteris
b) Australopithecus and Archaeopteryx
c) Iguanadon and Trilobites
d) Coprolites and T Rex

What is the name of the vast ocean that surrounded Pangaea
a) Pacific
b) Panthalassa
c) Tethys
d) Megasea

What does the word Pangaea mean
a) All Sea
b) Many Earths
c) One country
d) All Earth

The formation of Pangaea created a mountain range that is now split between North america and Africa. What are these mountains called
a) The Andes and the Adirondac mountains
b) The Appalachians and the Atlas mountains
c) The Alps and the Himalayas
d) The Cascades and the Rocky mountains

What letter was Pangaea shaped like
a) O
b) T
c) D
d) C

Approximately when did Pangaea form
a) 250 million years ago
b) 2 million years ago
c) 100 million years ago
d) 700 thousand years ago

What were the names of the two smaller continents created by the initial break up of Pangaea
a) Mordor and Beleriand
b) Eurasia and North America
c) Laurasia and Gondwanaland
d) Asia and Africa

Approximately when did India crash into Asia
a) 50 million years ago
b) 4 million years ago
c) 250 million years ago
d) 2.5 billion years ago

When India crashed into asia what mountain range was created
a) The Himalayas
b) The Alps
c) The Andes
d) The Appalachians

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