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What is the primary purpose of the website
a) Train
b) Inform
c) Teach
d) Social

Mr. Rennels created a website that organizes his Personal Finance notes into separate webpages by unit and objective. What website structure is best suited for her website?
a) Alphabetical
b) Hierarchial
c) Linear
d) Webbed

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays which role in the web development standards?
a) It makes websites accessible to everyone.
b) It develops HTML coding standards.
c) It develops new technologies.
d) It deals with all legal issues.

Mrs. Sutton's website contains games and funny videos that she created. The primary purpose of this site is to:
a) entertain
b) hybrid
c) inform
d) sell

What is the primary purpose of the website
a) Entertain
b) Social
c) Inform
d) Sell

Mrs. Holt followed the W3C's website development standards. This is an ADVANTAGE because her website:
a) will display consistently in different browsers
b) will not use emerging techniques.
c) will require all users to use the same browser.
d) will require users to update their computer systems.

Mrs. Cousins created a website that allows potential customers the opportunity to learn more about her jewelry business. What is the main purpose of the website?
a) Entertain
b) Inform
c) Sell
d) Social

Jennifer is creating a website containing several pages, all having the same text color, style, and size. Which web enhancement tool is the MOST efficient to use?
a) CSS External Style Sheet
b) Flash Sheet
c) Java Code Sheet
d) JavaScript Sheet

Josh created a website entitle, "My Life." The viewer will go through the website one page at a time in order from birth to graduation. What website structure should he use?
a) Hierarchical
b) Linear
c) Structured
d) Webbed

What is the primary purpose of the website
a) Entertain
b) Inform
c) Sell
d) Social

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