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Fluid resistance increases as flow becomes ______.
a) turbulant
b) both of these
c) none of these
d) laminar

Fluid resistance is defined as the ratio of ___.
a) p/Qv
b) Qv-p
c) Qv*p
d) Qv/p

What are the English units for fluid resistance?
a) lb/in^2
b) N/m^2
c) (lb/in^2)/(gal/min)
d) (N/m^2)/(m^3/sec)

Which of these affects resistance?
a) type of fluid
b) length of pipe
c) inside surface
d) all of these

How thick or thin a liquid is.
a) density
b) conductivity
c) viscosity
d) malleability

If a pipe has a resistance of 0.25 units and a pressure drop of 5 units, what is the flow rate?
a) 5/0.25
b) 0.25/5
c) 0.25*5
d) 5+0.25

If a pipe has a resistance of 30 units and a flow rate of 3 units what is the pressure drop?
a) 30/3
b) 3/30
c) 3*30
d) 3+30

If a pipe has a flow rate of 10 and a pressure drop of 5 what is the resistance?
a) 10/5
b) 5/10
c) 5*10
d) 5+10

Which has the greatest reisistance?
a) a small clean pipe
b) a small dirty pipe
c) a large clean pipe
d) a large dirty pipe

Which has the greatest viscosity
a) water
b) alcohol
c) milk
d) honey

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