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A segment of nucleic acid is analyzed to see whether it is DNA or RNA. The nucleic acid can be identified as DNA if it contains
a) phosphate groups
b) hydrogen bonds
c) deoxyribose sugars
d) nucleotide bases

What is the complementary strand of a section of DNA with the nitrogen bases GTC?
a) GTC
b) CGT
c) CAG
d) ATG

Assume that the DNA of an organism contains 20% adenine (A). What percentage of thymine (T) would be in this DNA?
a) 20%
b) 80%
c) 60%
d) 30%

What would you expect to find in all organisms?
a) the same genetic information
b) the same four DNA nucleotides
c) the same percentages of DNA base pairs
d) the same sequence of DNA nucleotides in the DNA molecules

Three nucleotides in mRNA are UGA. What were the three DNA nucleotides that transcribed this mRNA sequence?
a) ACU
b) AGU
c) UGA
d) ACT

Before each cell divides, the DNA must duplicate itself by
a) translation
b) replication
c) transcription
d) transformation

DNA controls the trait's of an organism thorugh the sequence of
a) carbon bases
b) chromosomes
c) centromeres
d) nitrogen bases

Changes in the DNA sequence that affect genetic information are known as
a) replications
b) prokaryotes
c) transformations
d) mutations

The process by which the genetic code of DNA is copied into a strand of RNA is called
a) translation
b) replication
c) transformation
d) transcription

DNA codes for the synthesis of
a) carbohydrates
b) nucleic acids
c) lipids
d) proteins

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