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Name a similarity between a hummingbird and eagle nest.
a) They both use the exact materials.
b) They both use nests for their eggs.
c) They both have large nests.
d) All of the above.

What is a difference between city birds and ocean birds?
a) City birds only use grass and sticks for a nest.
b) City birds might use a mailbox for a nest.
c) Ocean birds use their nests for eggs.
d) Ocean birds only use grass and sticks for a nest.

What could be another title for Amazing Bird Nests?
a) All About Animals and their Nests
b) Bills and Beaks
c) Feathered Friends and their Nests
d) Animal Nests of the Wild

What is considered an amazing fact?
a) Birds can build nests.
b) It can take 500 trips to make one nest.
c) Birds use their beaks to make nests.
d) Nests can be up in a tree.

What is a difference between a baby bird and an adult bird?
a) Baby birds eat different foods.
b) Adult birds have a beak.
c) Adult birds can chirp.
d) Baby birds have no feathers.

Which material might a city bird most likely use?
a) seaweed
b) hay from a hayfield
c) sticks from a forest
d) plastic and rubber bands

Which is considered the strangest nest?
a) a nest made of only grass
b) bird nest soup
c) a nest made of seaweed
d) a nest made from from hay, sticks, and grass

Which word best describes birds?
a) lazy
b) picky
c) hard working
d) happy

Which best describes an eagle?
a) angry
b) tired
c) silly
d) predator

What best describes bird nests?
a) They can come in all kinds of shapes.
b) They all have similar building materials.
c) They all are in the same area.
d) They are usually found in trees.

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