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Which is the example of making authentic text comprehensible?
a) utilizing visuals, realia, props, and manipulatives
b) speaking to my ELLs at the same rate of speed I would use with a NES, just louder
c) using drills (repeat after the teacher) to help the ELLs memorize correct pronunciation & structure
d) allowing dictionary use

Which is an example of a realia in a social studies class?
a) your great-grandmother's hand-written postacards, diaries, and letters
b) pictures of flags printed off the Internet
c) timelines
d) a Benjamin Franklin doll

Card games, board games, and puzzles are examples of...
a) manipulatives
b) props
c) realia
d) visuals

Props in science class include...
a) 6-inch long plastic transparent models of the human body showing the internal organs
b) microscopes and beakers
c) worms and frogs
d) a poster of the Periodic Table

All of these are examples of visuals EXCEPT...
a) watching the teacher model an experiment
b) picturing my red-faced, cry baby brother ANGus to help me remember the word ANGry
c) photos of volcanos
d) any kind of graphic organizer (T-list, Venn diagram, spider map, etc.)

What is the name of the researcher who originally suggested that we need to make classroom materials (i.e., input) comprehensible?
a) Stephen Krashen
b) James Asher
c) Jim Cummins
d) Eileen Whelan Ariza

Field dependent learners...
a) prefer to work in groups (which include the teacher) to try out solutions to a problem.
b) love competition.
c) would rather work outside in the fresh air instead of work inside.
d) must write everything down.

Field independent learners ....
a) are motivated by impersonal, analytical activities that do not necessitate a group-type approach.
b) are more intelligent than field dependent learners.
c) normally come from non-mainstream cultures, like Native American, Latino, and Black.
d) have been conditioned to finish work without proofreading it.

Inevitably, teachers partner field dependent students with field independent students. Normally, the work produced will not be either students' best. What might be the result?
a) All of these statements are possible in this situation.
b) Teachers may assume students are less competent than they really are.
c) Cultural bias may result.
d) Students may be mistakingly labeled as having behavioral disorders.

Which one is NOT a reason why immigrant parents may not get involved with school activities?
a) Parents revere the teacher and wouldn't dream of interfering with the educational process.
b) Parents are not interested in their children's education.
c) Parents do not know they have power to made decisions about their children's education.
d) Traditional gender roles prohibit the mother from leaving the house.

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